Batch qrcode generator ver. fire_03

Uses jQuery and QRCode.js, done by Dr. JJ 2021, All rights reserved.
There is no official connection to any company or brand.
TOS: Service provided as is, no responsibility taken and no guarantee given.

Input area

IMPORTANT: make sure to select zero margins and no headers while printing!
TIP: Add empty lines at the top, to make offset.
RULE: Spaces and special signs not allowed, and will be exchanged with underline sign.
INFO: Every change is applied after ~1 second, to save resources.
TIP: For reuse, qrcodes page can be printed with PDF/XPS file printer.

Print button


Margin left [mm]:

Margin top [mm]:

Font size [px]:

Define single QR size.
Square size [mm]:

Define grid.
Grid horizontal count:

Grid vertical count:

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Previous version was done around 2015 for a colleague, it was not updated much, and it burned in the "ovh fire". That is also the reason why this version is called "fire".